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We are a faith-based group that is helping to get masks and much-needed supplies to those in need during this difficult time. The need is vast. We have helped postal workers, police officers, medical workers, people on skid row, and many more.

Every-time you buy a product on this site, a portion of the proceeds goes back to helping the local community.


We are getting masks to these people and helping to show them God’s love. Also helping to show these communities that the church is effective in stepping up outside of the four walls.

Let’s get a mask on as many people in need as we can.

We can be part of the solution.

We can make a difference right now.

Your purchase goes a long way.

Medical Mask

Medical mask





What Customers Are Saying

“The post office workers in Gallatin Tennessee were searching for masks and you were able to provide them. Thank you so much for your supplies!”

Post office workers, Gallatin Tennessee

“Thank you so much, your supplies helped us in our time of need.”

Medical Staff and Nurse

“My friends and family bought masks from your website and we were able to stay protected during the COVID 19 outbreak. Thanks so much! “

Jasper Smith

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